[Sca-cooks] recommendations for fat

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Wed May 23 07:18:09 PDT 2007

I've often wondered, since I've seen it in recipes, but not actually met it
in the flesh, so to speak, what is so *special* about fat from the tail of
the animal? Is it of a particular consistency? Are the tails particularly
fatty? I'm assuming (perhaps erroneously) that the fat would be rendered
from the tail in much the same way as one renders lard?
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> If you don't want to use tail fat, which is quite common in both Middle
> Eastern and Mongol recipes, you could go for ghee (clarified butter) which
> works really well and has the added advantage of not needing to be
> refrigerated!  The flavors are superb!

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