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Robin Carroll-Mann rcmann4 at earthlink.net
Thu May 24 17:28:42 PDT 2007

Gretchen Allen Johns wrote:

>Is anyone aware of an English translation or a webbed version of either of
>the following books:
>Vergel de sanidad: que por otro nombre se llamava Banquete de cavalleros y
>orden de Bivir..     By Lobera de Avila
I'm not aware of any translations, but there's a webbed facsimile at:

>Dialogos de philsophia natural y moral     By Enrique Jorge Enriquez
I'm not familiar with this one.  Are you sure about the author?  There's 
a 1558 book by this title, but the author is Pedro Mercado.  It's webbed at:


Brighid ni Chiarain
Barony of Settmour Swamp, East Kingdom
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