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Salats are what come to mind first.  

>From "Forme of Curye" edited by Samuel Pegge:


Take persel, sawge, garlec, chibolles, oynouns, leek, borage, myntes,
porrectes [1], fenel and ton tressis [2], rew, rosemarye, purslarye
[3], laue and waische hem clene, pike hem, pluk hem small wiþ þyn [4]
honde and myng hem wel with rawe oile. lay on vynegur and salt, and
serue it forth.

[1] Porrectes. Fr. _Porrette_.
[2] Ton tressis. Cresses. V. Gloss.
[3] Purslarye. Purslain.
[4] þyn. thine.

My translation:

Take parsley, sage, garlic, scallions, onions, leeks, borage, Mints, baby
leeks, fennel and town cress (garden cress), rue, rosemary, purslane, rinse,
and wash them clean, Pick them,  Pluck them small with your hands and mix
them well with raw (extra virgin) olive oil.  Lay on vinegar and salt, and
serve it forth.

Lady Anne du Bosc Known as Mordonna The Cook

Mka Pat Griffin

Thorngill, Meridies

mka Montgomery, AL

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Can anyone recommend some good dishes for SCA potlucks or daytrips,
especially period dishes
that would travel well and would be tasty served cold or at room temperature
(other than
meat, cheese and bread of course :)_

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