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<<Can anyone recommend some good dishes for SCA potlucks or  daytrips, 
especially period dishes
that would travel well and would be tasty  served cold or at room temperature 
(other than
meat, cheese and bread of  course :)_>>
This is one of my favorite ones.  It is solid enough once cooked to be  able 
to eat it without needing a plate or utensils, too.
Pies of Parys
>From Harleian MS 4016, c. 1450 English, as redacted in  Pleyn Delit and 
adapted by Brangwayna Morgan
Take and smyte faire buttes of porke and buttes of vele togidre, and put  hit 
in a faire potte.  And putte thereto faire broth, And a quantitie of  Wyne, 
And lete all boile togedidre til hit be ynogh; And then take hit fro the  fire, 
and lete kele a litel, an cast ther-to raw yolkes of eyren, and pouudre of  
gyngeuere, sugre, and salt, and mynced dates, reseyns of corence; make then  
coffyns of feyre past, and do it ther-ynne, and keuere it & lete bake  y-nogh.

Pastry for a 9-inch pie pan (top and bottom) or ca 24 tart shells
1  ½ pounds mixed ground meat, including at least two of pork, veal, beef  (I 
 usually use ground meatloaf mix)
1 cup each water, red wine
3 egg yolks or  1 whole egg plus one yolk
½ tsp. each ginger, sugar, and salt
¼ cup each  minced dates, currants

Put the ground raw meat in a saucepan and cover with the wine and water;  
bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes.  Then drain all the cooking  juices 
into a heatproof container, setting aside the meat.  Let the cooking  liquid 
cool (preferably in the refrigerator or freezer) until you can remove all  the 
fat from the top.
When you are ready to assemble the pie,  line a pie dish with pastry.  Then 
bring the defatted juices to a boil;  beat the egg yolks (or egg and yolk) in a 
bowl and beat in a little of the hot  (but not quite boiling) stock.  Beat in 
the rest, still off the heat; then  mix together meat, dried fruits, spices, 
and sauce and stir over low heat for a  few minutes to thicken slightly.  Put 
in the prepared pie shell and cover  with a top crust (unless you are making 
individual tarts).  Bake in a  pre-heated 350 degree oven for about 1 hour 
(less for individual tarts).   As the mixture may tend to be pretty sloppy at 
first, be sure to slit the top  crust to allow steam to escape; and it may also be 
wise to put a cookie sheet or  a piece of foil under the pie pan.

Brangwayna Morgan

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