[Sca-cooks] SCA Potlucks

Caointiarn caointiarn1 at bresnan.net
Sat Nov 3 09:00:03 PDT 2007

Sounds like a variation of mince-meat pie.....

Morgan (using Caointiarn's account)

In a message dated 11/2/2007 8:15:04 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
ewilson618 at tx.rr.com writes:

<<Can anyone recommend some good dishes for SCA potlucks or  daytrips,
especially period dishes
that would travel well and would be tasty  served cold or at room 
(other than
meat, cheese and bread of  course :)_>>

This is one of my favorite ones.  It is solid enough once cooked to be  able
to eat it without needing a plate or utensils, too.

Pies of Parys
>From Harleian MS 4016, c. 1450 English, as redacted in  Pleyn Delit and
adapted by Brangwayna Morgan

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