[Sca-cooks] tisane

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Sat Nov 3 19:46:15 PDT 2007

Searching in OED under ptisan* Forms:
      thisan(e, tizanne, tysane, 5-6 tysan, 6
      -ant(e, 6-8 tisan, 6-9 tisane, 8 tissane.

  1398  Trevisa /Barth. De P.R./ xvii. cxv. (Bodl. MS.), Of barlich
      ischeled and isode in water is a medicinable drinke ymade þat
      phisicians clepen Thisan;
  C. 1400/Lanfranc's Cirurg./ 139 In þe v; day he took þikke
      tizanne [/v.r/. tysan].
  C. 1440 /Promp. Parv./ 494/2 Tysane, drynke, /ptisana/


emilio szabo wrote:
> Saint Phlip wrote:
>> while we moderns call a tea any dried herb steeped in water, in the MA 
>> such a beasty was often called a tissane. 
> I am still looking for examples in medieval English, could you please share a few quotations?
> Thanks,
> Emilio

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