[Sca-cooks] cookbook - need some help

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Fri Nov 9 12:28:41 PST 2007

New World squashes appear in Leonard Fuch's herbal of 1541.  They were 
apparently in use in Europe for some time before that.  There is no evidence 
for genus Cucurbita being known in the Old World before Columbus.  Cucumis 
and Citrullus (cucumbers and melons, which are a little mixed in taxonomy) 
are both Old World.  The Langenaria, the Old World bottle gourds which are 
the Medieval squashes and pumpkins, are found in both the New and Old 


That goes into more detail on the origins of the various species in the
Gourd family. Yet it does not get into when the New World Gourds were
introduced into Europe.


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