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Interesting stuff.  Does anyone have any idea how commercially available these old world squashes and pumpkins are?


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> New World squashes appear in Leonard Fuch's herbal of 1541.  They were 
> apparently in use in Europe for some time before that.  There is no evidence 
> for genus Cucurbita being known in the Old World before Columbus.  Cucumis 
> and Citrullus (cucumbers and melons, which are a little mixed in taxonomy) 
> are both Old World.  The Langenaria, the Old World bottle gourds which are 
> the Medieval squashes and pumpkins, are found in both the New and Old 
> Worlds.
> Bear
> That goes into more detail on the origins of the various species in the
> Gourd family. Yet it does not get into when the New World Gourds were
> introduced into Europe.
> Euriol 
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