[Sca-cooks] Chili pepper rooster

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Sat Nov 10 14:01:20 PST 2007

I know that chili peppers are a new world discovery, so they
don't appear in Europe until the 16th century but here's an idea of 
to do with them--  from the Cooking Enthusiast catalog:
Chili Pepper Rooster
Here's a bird that rules the roost! Over a hundred real chili peppers 
cover the body, which is carved from extra thick styrofoam. Accented 
with tail feathers that have an iridescent shine, this colorful bird 
will add a fun touch to any setting. 19" tall.
http://www.shopping.cutlery.com/     then search for chili pepper rooster


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