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I thought it was raised a sheep, sheared the wool, cleaned it, combed it,
spun it, wove it. Or did he do both? Was it Master Roibeard? And are you
meaning the first actual Laurel or first after becoming Kingdom?

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The first laurel in Calontir (I can't remember his name, but Margaret
probably does) grew, retted, cleaned, and spun the flax, wove it into linen,
then tailored it into garb, making his own scissors and needles in the
process.  One of his neighbors turned him into the cops for manufacturing
drugs, IIRC, during the rather smelly retting of the flax.  I believe he
documented the project.


> I know of people who have participated in "sheep to shawl" events
> starting with the shearings from a sheep and proceeding from there.
> However, has anyone done, or seen done, the processing of flax from
> the plant to, at least, the spinning of the flax fibers? I know that,
> like making woad, it is likely to be a stinky outside activity. I'd
> like to have a first-hand account on processing flax for the
> Florilegium.
> Thanks,
>    Stefan

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