[Sca-cooks] flax processing (was Bread labor)

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Sun Nov 11 04:47:53 PST 2007

Master Robert Sartor van Pays-Bas, who was the first Laurel granted in 
Calontir under the Midrealm and became the Premier Laurel when it became a 
kingdom.  It is my understanding that the project (which earned his Laurel) 
was flax to linen to clothing.  If memory serves, he was living in Forgotten 
Sea at the time, which is a metro area, so the flax project is more likely 
than one with sheep.  Although I haven't heard of any, that doesn't rule out 
other projects later on, and I can always have erred in remembering the 


From: "otsisto" <otsisto at socket.net>

> I thought it was raised a sheep, sheared the wool, cleaned it, combed it,
> spun it, wove it. Or did he do both? Was it Master Roibeard? And are you
> meaning the first actual Laurel or first after becoming Kingdom?

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