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So if  certain dishes are prepared as a special prize
for the winner of the most  recent crown tournament ... ?

I don't think you are going to run into tons of opposition as long as the  
different food is donated instead of purchased.  I think Atenveldt still  has a 
line item for the Queens Tea in their policy.   Also how  the Board can be fed 
with SCA funds, and populace meetings, and officer  meetings.  Stated purpose.
What will raise eyebrows is lobster for the head table and tuna and  sardines 
for the rest of the hall.  And having a feast listed as below and  above the 
salt can take care of some of that.  But the above the salt costs  more.
If it is not  any fun, stop doing it. Find something that is fun, and start 
doing it. Life is  too short not to have fun.

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