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I guess  we in Atlantia are a quarrelsome lot, but we really resented
the way this  was handled...and, for smaller groups like ours, this
could have  represented an enormous loss of money.  But, as I said, we
have sorted  it all out...it will still be a burden for our group, but
at least we won't  be stinting those who have paid for the feast by
serving less food or lower  quality food to cover this.

What we are supposed to do (at least in the Outlands) is have the group  
financial committee put it in the group financial policy as to the compensation  
for people at events.  There is a custom that our Baronies comp the other  
Landeds at their events.  The shires do not have to comp Barons and  Baronesses.  
My shire comps any Royals in attendance.  Which could  mean between 2 and 6 
depending on the event.  All the event staff pay  normal fees.
If it is not  any fun, stop doing it. Find something that is fun, and start 
doing it. Life is  too short not to have fun.

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