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Tue Nov 13 14:14:37 PST 2007

We had a serious "go-around" about this here in Atlantia just before
our current monarchs ascended the thrones.  I don't know about other
groups in Atlantia, but practice in our Barony was that the Crowns and
heirs would be comped...everyone else, including (by choice) our B&B,
paid for the event, including the feast, if they wished to attend.
However, our current King announced just before Pennsic that He would
expect that any guests He invited to sit at High Table would be
comped.  Initially, it was said that we would have to take the cost of
the extra meals out of the money we were given for the feast.  So...if
we planned for 90 people to attend the event, I would get the amount
per person promised ( 90 x amount per person).  The 8 or 10 people to
be seated at High Table would be over and above the 90, with no extra
funds provided to pay for them.  He stated that he had no intention of
attending events held by groups who did not do this.

Eventually, we got some relief...in our Barony, we would be paid for
the 90, but only 82 seats would be sold, which meant that the extra
funds would come out of the Baronial funds.  If the Crowns didn't'
attend...or if the folks invited to sit at High Table had already
paid, then the extra seats would be sold.  The B&B continue to pay for
their events, though this is voluntary.

I guess we in Atlantia are a quarrelsome lot, but we really resented
the way this was handled...and, for smaller groups like ours, this
could have represented an enormous loss of money.  But, as I said, we
have sorted it all out...it will still be a burden for our group, but
at least we won't be stinting those who have paid for the feast by
serving less food or lower quality food to cover this.


On Nov 13, 2007 3:57 PM,  <ranvaig at columbus.rr.com> wrote:
> >I believe this is a Society rule -- no personal gifts out of SCA funds,
> >with special high-table gifts (or special royalty room food being
> >considered a personal gift).
> >
> >I think it falls under this statement in the local branch exchequer's
> >handbook:
> >
> >2. Special occasion gifts to members purchased with SCA money are
> >disallowed because of disallowed benefit to private individuals.
> >(CP III) If there is a desire to buy a special occasion gift, take up a
> >private collection. Gifts are not prizes. Prizes require the recipient to
> >complete some task in order to receive the prize. Gifts have no such
> >pre-requisite task.
> When I cooked my feast, I was told that the entire head table was comped. There wasn't special head table food, the same as everyone else was served, but none of them paid. No Royalty, it was our Baron and his guests.  How does this fit into this policy?   I understand that it is customary to comp royalty who have traveled to be there, but why would the whole head table comped?
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