[Sca-cooks] 12th Night Feast tentative menu

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Nov 14 19:19:22 PST 2007

Katja asked:
<<< The meal sounds absolutely delicious!

   "Hot apple drink"? Sounds intriguing. Please elaborate?

sca-cooks-request at lists.ansteorra.org wrote:
     Drinks will be period: lemon drink, hot apple drink and barley  
water. >>>

I'm not sure who the original poster was or what they had in mind,  
but here are a few Florilegium files which fit these descriptions.  
These are in the BEVERAGES section:
cider-art         (23K) 10/31/95    Article on brewing ciders.
cider-msg         (90K)  5/23/06    Apple and other ciders. Cider  
wassail-msg       (26K)  2/10/07    Spiced cider and ale drinks.  
infusions-msg     (24K)  3/26/02    Period infusions. Herbal "teas".  
Barley tea.
jalabs-msg        (71K)  7/ 3/04    Drinks with a sugar or honey- 
syrup base such
                                        as Sekanjabin (Persian Mint  
Orng-Lmn-drks-art (10K)  4/11/07    "Orange and Lemon Drinks of Summer"
                                        by THL Johnnae llyn Lewis, CE.
    (I imagine these would be good warm as well)

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