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Okay. :)
Stephen gave an exellant source for general info and recipes for the
To my understanding removes and coarses are for the most part, different.
What that diffence is I can not seem to retrieve from my brain, perhaps it
is still a bit numb from the funeral.
I thought perhaps that your friend did not know the difference so I thought
I would ask to make sure.


-----Original Message-----

He used the word "removes", he could have said "courses" but that is
semantics and preference.  As I read it, he is not a regular cook in the
SCA, he just happens to be doing this feast.  I do not know or think he
cares what geographical area the recipes are from, or at least he did not
state it.  What I posted here I cut and pasted directly from his email to
me.  He wants to do a period feast based on these parameters.  As you can
see, he also did not include how many guests.


> > I'm not one of the experts but 2 questions, Are you wanting removes or
are> you wanting coarses? Also, are you wanting Welsh tradition Xmas or a>
specific country Xmas or just Xmas recipes in general?> > De>
> -----Original Message-----> Someone in Wales is doing a feast and here are
the parameters of needs:> > three removes, with the first being suitable for
Advent (as our feast is> before Christmas) but the second and third being
documentable Christmas> feast foods.> Either recipes (with source) or links
to places with recipes would be> wonderful.> > Thanks!Cariad a heddwch (love
and peace)Dame Olwen the Odd Laurel to Lady> Katherine O'CarrollOrder of the
Pearl Deputy, Bright Hills Cooks Guild House> Blackstar Barony of Bright
Hills Kingdom of Atlantia!>
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