[Sca-cooks] Need ideas for someones feast

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Thu Nov 15 06:57:29 PST 2007

I have been giving this some thought. There are a number of unknowns
here such as where they are doing this feast, how accurate it has to be,
costs, number of people, the experience level of the cooks, what sort
of kitchen they have, etc. Do they want medieval recipes? Tudor recipes?
17th century? Would Robert May do or do they need 14th century?
Do they intend to serve game? Venison?
Not knowing those answers means that I am guessing here with some 

In all cases, time is short for a feast that is to be served yet this 
year and
given that they are in Wales, they might want to take a look at
Stuart Peachey's various booklets. He offers one on
There's also a book on menus.

If they can pick a period, they should be able to also order one of the 
versions of Peter Brears' earlier books. Stuart Cookery or Tudor Cookery 
might do.
Or they might find a used copy of A Taste of History that's cheap.
If they want medieval, since time is short-- they might want to get 
Pleyn Delit.

Once they have a period, it's possible to do some searching and possibly 
turn up
a menu that would fit a December feast. Or perhaps something like this
would be all that they would need.

Hope this helps,


Olwen the Odd wrote:
>   He wants to do a period feast based on these parameters.  As you can see, he also did not include how many guests.
> Olwen
>>> Someone in Wales is doing a feast and here are the parameters of needs:> > three removes, with the first being suitable for Advent (as our feast is> before Christmas) but the second and third being documentable Christmas> feast foods.> Either recipes (with source) or links to places with recipes would be> wonderful.> > Thanks!Cariad a heddwch (love and peace)Dame Olwen the Odd 

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