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Ok I haven't looked at the Knives in question but Congrats on getting a decent set of knives.   Don't toss the old ones just yet though... like has been stated take the New knives for a test drive.  

It always amazes me when you just up and do things like that just because we all were discussing it.   Were you actually shopping for knives?  Sorry I am not scolding or anything it just amazes me.  

Pros and Cons... 
Wodden handles have to be oiled.  Plastic Doesn't.  Wood handles can splinter Plastic Can Shatter, Wood handles can do the same as a Wood cutting board and develop/store bacteria if not cared for.  Plastic can melt, wood can burn.... So there are ups and downs....

They recommend hand washing because of the danger of a dishwaasher heating element distempering the steel in the blade. (Detempering?, Untempering? ah hell Phlip help out here...) :) 
In reality it Could Happen but usually won't.  I have run mine throught the Hobart but wouldn't put it in my home dishwasher... (Think of what happens during the drying cycle...) 

Quick basic run down on the knives for you...

Chef's Knife- Can be used for almost all cutting.  (I have a friend that taught me knife work that swears you only need this knife.)  Dicing, julienne, cubing, etc...   Usually used by a rocking motion from the tip of the blade and pressing down on the handle.  

Slicing Knife- Generally a thinner blade, used for slicing meats and things what need slicing... Veggies etc. 
 Usually used with a "slicing" motion.  (This is the one I use to cut with a pulling backwards towards me motion...)

Utility Slicer - Ok I know that this might be sacrilidge but the Utility should give it away... This is the knive that you use to cut Non Food items.... (Well ok that is what it means to me!) 

Cleaver- I am not sure what this one looks like but it is used to Chop meats and Veggies. (Watch those Fingers!!!)  I have actually used mine a total like twice both times for frozen meats (Birds).   

7 inch Paring Knife?  Damn that had better be a big assed apple... 
Paring Knife- Generally used for peeling things or small knife work like Garnishing... I think of Paring Knives as around 4"-4.5" so 7" seems big to me... 

Now I have not been to school or anything but this is what I have learned over the years and how I have come to define their usage.  Admantius will probably be able to give you the full run down and then we will both learn something.... 


Oh and the Steak Knives I assume you figured out... 
But are also great (if they are serrated ) for "sawing" pretzels when working with Gingerbread Houses... or other Subtlties... 

Hope that helps a little bit.


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>> Okay, I went ahead and ordered a set, since I could probably use a 
> nicer set, although I only bought the single set. However, one of the 
> comments that has come out here before when discussing knives is that 
> you should "try them on for size". So they might become a gift after 
> all. 
> I notice that these are forged blades with full tangs and not just 
> flat knife blanks. But what else makes these a better deal than the 
> other knives on sale on Overstock some of which are also on sale for 
> similar percentages. Some knives have wooden handles, these have 
> plastic. What are the pros and cons of each? Since these don't have 
> wooden handles, why do they still need to be hand-washed? Or do they? 
> The set includes: 
> 13-inch chef's knife 
> 13-inch heavy duty slicing knife 
> (I assume the two knives on the left. Which is which?) 
> 11.5-inch utility slicer 
> Professional chef's cleaver 
> (I thought cleavers had big square or rectangular blades. Are 
> those *Chinese* cleavers? Is this the one on the right next to the 
> sharpener?) 
> 7-inch paring knife 
> (Doesn't look 4.5 inches shorter than the 11.5 inch above it) 
> Six individual matching steak knives 
> Matching steel knife sharpener 
> And lastly, what is the optimum use for each of these knives? Or for 
> what kitchen tasks would you use each of these knives? 
> Stefan 
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