[Sca-cooks] Thanksgiving menu

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 22 09:59:05 PST 2007

I really like turkey, but i'm not wedded to a particular set of 
Thanksgiving dishes. As i mentioned, i find the family "traditions" 
rather bland and uninspired. (and, yeah, i remember those canned Le 
Seur baby peas - what a flashback!)

Back in 1976 or 1977, i made a Thanksgiving dinner for two using 
recipes from "The Art of American Indian Cooking" by Yeffe Kimball 
and Jean Anderson (yep, i've still got the paperback right here... i 
bought it in 1970). The main dish was salmon steaks with juniper 
berries - i don't remember what else i made (c'mon, that was 30 or 
more years ago), but probably included avocado salad, baked winter 
squash, and some sort of corn pudding.

Another year in the early 1980s i made a fairly standard Thanksgiving 
dinner for a bunch of foreign students who wouldn't have celebrated 
it otherwise. For dessert i lined a spring form pan with lady 
fingers, put some caramelized pecans on the bottom and filled it with 
a pumpkin mousse i made (no gelatin), as a change from the usual 
pumpkin pie. I didn't have a recipe - it was just sort of a cross 
between a Bavarian and a Charlotte Russe.
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