[Sca-cooks] A roast for a feast...

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Thu Nov 22 10:11:44 PST 2007

As it stands, it looks as though Avraham and I are going to be cooking
a feast in March. It isn't finalized yet, but if it goes, we'll be
cooking for 60-80 people, a Tavern style meal, meaning we'll be
cooking all day and sending things out as they get done. We've decided
we want to work from Platina and Martino.

So, I'm going to ask the folks on this List a few questions, starting
with, which recipes from either author do you guys feel would go well
for a Tavern situation? I'm thinking of foods that can be easily
broken down into individual bits, and left out for a reasonable time.
This would include an assortment of pies or tarts.

One of the things we'll have, is an entire deer is being earmarked for
the feast- Avraham and I will have to go butcher it once it gets shot-
no big deal. But, having that as an option, it occured to me that
since I'll be able to custom butcher it, why not make a presentation
piece for later in the day, a Baron or Saddle of venison? I know how
I'd cut it, but I'm looking for a more professional POV- if anyone can
direct me to pictures, I'd be very much obliged. I'm also interested
in any information about roasting times. I'm thinking, the saddle as a
presentation bit, the forequarters as a stew, and the hind quarters as
something else- not sure what yet, but will likely hafta be braised.

The theme is to be pirates, and not even period pirates, but rather
Hollywood pirates (Arrrr), but I want to take a page from Cariadoc's
book (the story of the Venusians/ Venetians) and turn things around a
bit to make things more period. One thought I've had is to make some
real hard tack, and since it's pretty hard to eat, use it for
decorations, but edible decorations in case anyone doesn't mind losing
a few teeth. Ideas along that line would be appreciated ;-)

Was also considering making a few "treasure chests" (for ransom) out
of hollowed loaves of bread, and filling them with gilded items
(including hard tack coins) so any suggestions any of you folks may
make along those lines will be gratefully accepted.

And, I'm thinking of perhaps a few items of sugar paste, if anyone has
a good recipe for something solid- maybe sugarpaste skulls and bones

Yeah, I know, I'm going more towards Hollywood than I'd prefer, but
for all I disagree with their tendancy towards lack of periodicity,
these are my friends, whom I like a great deal, and I'd like to work
out a reasonable compromise between absolute authenticity and
Holllywood- supporting their theme, but MY way.

And, I know there's at least one of you on this List who might know
which feast I'm talking about- please don't mention my plans. I want
to make this a pleasant surprise, in the process of slipping actual
period foods down their throats ;-)

Saint Phlip

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