[Sca-cooks] Thanksgiving menu

Cat . tgrcat2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 22 13:50:03 PST 2007

Chiming in late.
Mom still likes to do the whole dinner thing with her
own German American crossover traditional style.  
Whole roast turkey with the most amazing giblet
stuffing in the world (she puts in all the innards,
mushrooms, onions, celery, herbs, bread, broth... not
sure what else but its the best) red cabbage, mashed
potatoes, waldorf salad, cranberry relish (I would
prefer plain canned but eh) gravy with giblets (yea,
she gets extra - I roasted a whole turkey for our
local Toys for Tots tourney lunch and she got the
innards for the stuffing.) a plain baked in the jacked
yam for me (Im the only one who likes it, adn I dont
need anything more than a little butter on it.) and
for dessert, an incredible pecan pie (now that she has
learned the joy of ready-crust - her filling was
always great, but she made cardboard for crusts.)  She
does not belive in the relish tray, so I have been
snacking on sweet and dill midgits, pickled beets and
some almond stuffed green olives for the last 3 days.

Since mom is doing ALL the cooking, I have two
dehydrators full of beef jerky running.  Its not as
good as cooking my own feast, but enough to keep me
from feeling totally cooking deprived.

Hope everyone has something to be thankful for this
year, I know I do.

In Service
Gwen Cat
ps, yes, I tried to offer to contribute some small
thing to the meal, and mom and I had a huge fight
about it a few years ago. She refuses to let me help
at all (ok, I will probably lift the loaded turkey out
of the oven and onto the board for carving cause she
no longer has the strenght to lift a fully stuffed 21
lb turkey) and takes pride in doing it all on her own,
so as long as she wants to, I will let her have this
feast as HERS.   In exchange I now get to do xmas day
dinner - roast goose and all the German trimmings.

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