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Hi Stefan,

for my family most holiday meals must include my moms
red cabbage (red cabbage (two 2lb heads shredded,) .5
C cider vinegar, 1C water, small cloth with several
(8-10?)cloves, 3 allspice, 1t mulling spices - or
equivalent, 1 medium onion diced small, 1 medium apple
diced small, 1T bacon drippings (or goose drippings.)
sweat the cabbage till it starts to collapse, add
apple, onion, liquids and seasonings and 1t salt and
.5t sugar.  When done simmering (several hours) you
may thicken the liquid by grating in one raw potato
and simmering a little longer.)

With goose the salad is cucumber (peel, slice thin,
season with one T of sugar (I use .5 T splenda) salt,
pepper and dill then 3T white vinegar and 2T water. 
Let mellow about an hour or two before serving.)  I
make mashed potatoes for mom and often do potato
dumplings (kloesse - from the Panni box) to soak up
the very rich gravy for dad, baby bother and myself. 
The goose is seasoned with salt, pepper and a LOT of
marjoram.  I fill the cavity with 2 apples and a large
onion all cut into big hunks to flavor the meat.  Even
though they soak up a lot of fat dad will still insist
on eating a chunk of the onion.  Oh and I have been
known to make a dried fruit compote to along side
(dried apples, prunes, pears, what have you cut into
similar size bits, soak in red wine and simmer for
perhaps an hour on very low with a tiny bit of
cinnamon stick (I am not fond of cinnamon add more if
you like it) and a few whole cloves.  Serve warm or
For the proper holiday mood serve with your favorite
red wine and for dessert have an assortment of
chocolate covered domino stones, chocolate covered
gingerbread hearts, and marzipan (either bread or
potatoes ;-)

In Service (and hungry now)
Gwen Cat

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> Gwen Cat said:
> ps, ...so as long as she wants to, I will let her
> have this
> feast as HERS.   In exchange I now get to do xmas
> day
> dinner - roast goose and all the German
> trimmings.>>>
> So, what are all the German trimmings?
> Stefan
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