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Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Sun Nov 25 14:05:23 PST 2007

Alluvial diamonds have also been found, IIRC, on the Sacramento River in 
California in 1858.  If memory still serves, the source was a hydraulic 
mining operation called the Cherokee Mine, which was bought out in the early 
20th Century by a low profile consortium, that may have been a corporate 
front for DeBeers.

Diamonds have also turned up around Placerville and a few places in Idaho.


> Regards diamonds, they were know to the arabs in period and are mentioned 
> in
> at least one period book I can recall in translation.  If I recall 
> correctly
> diamonds in the US's northeastern and northern part of the midwest have 
> been
> found as the result of glacial float out of Canada from the last ice age. 
> A
> small number have turned up in North Carolina over the years but as to 
> where
> those came from no one knows.  Arkansas has a diamond "pipe" that is
> accessable to the public.  Periodically gems of several carats turn up
> there.  What with global warming there have been diamond "strikes" in 
> Canada
> and Greenland relatively recently.
> Daniel

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