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Mon Nov 26 06:08:22 PST 2007

On Nov 26, 2007 1:49 AM, Stefan li Rous <StefanliRous at austin.rr.com> wrote:
> Maire said:
> <<< The recipe looks really yummy, if also a LOT of work! That much
> basil, though....I'd think it'd be pretty overwhelming.  I'll be
> interested in hearing how you adapt it for a turkey breast...I have
> room for one of those (although not a whole turkey, alas!) >>>

Well, we did it...and I used exactly what the recipe said to use and
it was wonderful.  I did make a smaller quantity of gravy, though I
did make all of the broth it called for...I'm freezing the second
quart for use later.  I wound up, even though it was a turkey breast,
using the same quantity of brine as it if was a full turkey.  I was
worried about all that chile powder in the brine, not to mention all
that garlic, but it worked quite nicely.  The basil wasn't too much
either.  The turkey was incredibly moist and tender and the flavoring
very rich and good.  The gravy was unbelievably rich, and the carrot
bits in it added a lovely color and texture.  We have definitely filed
this as one to do again!

> Room where? In you? Or in the refrigerator?
> One of the reasons that I've stayed away from buying a turkey these
> last few years, other than the fact that it would be eating here at
> home only, since the relatives roast a turkey, is not having enough
> room in the refrigerator to keep one at safe temperatures until
> cooked. Unless I perhaps bought it frozen and let it thaw out in the
> kitchen or in an ice chest.
> But if I'm going to brine it or use some of the other techniques
> talked about it would still need to go in the refrigerator for awhile.
> Stefan

So far as the brining is concerned, what we did was to put the turkey
in a large pot with the brine, then, as it was quite chilly outside,
put it out there.  The recipe I used suggested putting the pot or
brining bag in an ice chest surrounded by ice.  I've used this
technique at other times when I've run out of refrigerator room
(getting ready for a feast...just returned from buying stuff and
needed a place to keep it until the pre-cook the next day.  Worked
just fine.  But, just as you have to keep an eye on your coolers at
Pennsic, you have to make sure that you keep the ice replenished.


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