[Sca-cooks] Possible bargain on knife set for anyone interested...

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Mon Nov 26 07:09:49 PST 2007

Replied below But I am snipping some.... 

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> Nichola didn't quote anyone, but I suspect some of this was directed 
> my way... 


> > This isn't the first time we've discussed what makes a good kitchen 
> knife. Most recently we discussed those ceramic bladed knives, which 
> this outfit also had some of on sale. 

Whoa really?   Can someone re email that link?
I am in the market for those....


 I'm willing to learn from others and their 
> mistakes. I'm willing to take a chance that the advice won't always 
> be perfect, but it's going to be better than what I could do on my own. 

I totally agree with you here... it just always gets me when you do it cause it always seems like it is Boom out of the blue (sort of) I guess I should pay attention to the emails a bit more.... It just seemed like folks were discussing these knives and Boom you went and bought them.. I didn't evn remember seeing you posting about them that was all... Not criticizing mind you it was humorous to me... is all.  

> I thought wood was supposed to be anti-microbial. Although perhaps 
> the final word on that is still out. 

It should be although I always end up throwing out wooden cuting boards after awhile even though I clean them and sanitize them, and oil them... they still just get funky....  (Generally takes about 5 years but it always happens...)  And yes I use bleach and other types of sanitizers...
BTW don't get me wrong I still prefer wooden cutting boards.... it just seems to me that a wooden handled knife could suffer the same fate....

> > 
> I think that would have to be awfully hot water to reach the 
> temperatures needed to effect steel. I don't think you can achieve it 
> in one or two atmospheres of pressure. 

Ooops I didn't mean the water temperature, I meant the Dry Heat from the Drying Cycle on the Washer... 
> <<< In reality it Could Happen but usually won't. I have run mine 
> throught the Hobart but wouldn't put it in my home dishwasher... 
> (Think of what happens during the drying cycle...) >>> 

> From other discussion here, I thought a Hobart was a big, bread/cake 
> mixer. "Hobart" is a brand name covering different types of 
> institutional kitchen appliances? 

Yep Hobart is a brand name.... as a matter of fact they are also Cusinart.... They make all sorts of kitchen equipment....


> <<< But are also great (if they are serrated ) for "sawing" pretzels 
> when 
> working with Gingerbread Houses... or other Subtlties... >>> 
> You mean soft or unbaked pretzels, right? It would seem like the 
> regular pretzels would shatter it lots of tiny pieces and crumbs. 

Actually Nope I mean the dry crunchy pretzles...  The steak knives work just like a Saw Blade... Yes you have to be careful... but the work. 


> Stefan 

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