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That said, I brew to completion and sterilize the bottles with very hot
water prior to filling them.  The yeast I use is a 'mead' yeast and it
produces a sweet nectar.  The principle effect on sweetness, in my
opinion, is the yeast chosen.  I have brewed drier meads, buth this was
a choice of yeast to balance against the ingredients I chose.

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I agree with you in that the two things I have found most predictably affect
final perceived sweetness are original specific gravity (sugar
concentration) and yeast strain.  Like you said, some are more/less highly
resistant to the resultant alcohol.  Many modern brewers will use chemical
shortcuts to reduce the time and labor of naturally allowing the yeast to
settle out and rack over to new vessel.  I do prefer the subtle and patient
form over chemical additives myself.  then, I also selected one general
yeast strain to use for all my meads, and pretend that historical brewers
wuold not have a grocery list of laboratory yeast stains to chose from :o)
I vary technique and recipe to meet finished profile target.

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