[Sca-cooks] OOP - Soldier Cookies

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 30 08:22:53 PST 2007

Georgia Foster wrote:
> I am considering putting together a book of cookie recipes that will ship well and keep well.  What do you folks think?
I think this is a great idea!  We are called upon to "support the 
troops" and duly send magazines and supplies, but us foodies, well, you 
know how we are, we want to Make Yummy Things for the war effort.  Good 
on you.

You seem to have thought this through pretty well.  Not only recipes, 
but how to ship them so they get to their destination intact -- until 
the hungry troops get them, crunch!

ANZAC Biscuits are a time-honored tradition, nearly a century old now I 
suppose, tasty yet durable enough to send to your boys in WWI and still 
are today.  Here is a recipe:  

Hoping your son is OK in Qatar... my SCA protege got back from there a 
while back, he calls it "the sleepy end of the Saudi peninsula" and 
here's hoping it stays that way.  Added to my prayer list if nobody minds.

Yours in Service,
Selene Colfox

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