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I was traumatized* by chili as a child and only last year consented to try it again - a very mild, yes with beeans and vegetables in it version that i'm sure any real chilli lover would sneer at. It was good, so now I make it myself occassionally. I may be a spica-a-holic but I'm still a chilli wimp!

*As some of you may remember, in the early 70's, ?at least in Southern California, there was a meat boycott protesting high meat prices. (If they only knew...)

I had the misfortune to be the child of a chemist and a home ecc teacher - together they put me (and my siblings) thru the tortures of hell in their effort to produce healthy meat-free meals. Tis included the various kinds of textured soy proteins that Dad bought by the barrel.

One of these was supposed to be "just like hamburger" so Dad made up a pot of chilli with it. It smelled like burning dog kibbel and was so disgusting that it was almost 40 before I could even stand the smell of chilli again. I had to leave the house for several hours after that and spent the next few years eating dinner alone in my bedroom - OK, the chilli had nothing to do with that, but Star Trek was on!)

The late Goldwyn of Britain prided himself on making the hottest chilli possible without collapsing the time/space continuem. I never had the heart to tell him the people just tasted heat and not the flavor on the other ingredients.

Thanks for the laugh, Phlip!


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