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  silverr0se at aol.com wrote:
> I was traumatized* by chili as a child and only last 
>year consented to try it again - a very mild, yes with 
>beeans and vegetables in it version that i'm sure any 
>real chilli lover would sneer at. 

that's on the menu tonight for a dreary albuquerque fall 
day.  i like mine with bell peppers and 'maters and kidney 
beans (stone me now).  i also make a damn good green chili 
stew and can, if pushed, do an authentic red.  but my 
taste buds get bitter from too much red chili.

tried to convince the husband omniverous monster to let me 
try cincinatti chili, but the jurt is definitely out on 
that experiment. 8)

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sustained him through temporary periods of joy."
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