[Sca-cooks] Wecker -- To Roast Salmon

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Sun Oct 7 15:24:55 PDT 2007

>thu wol vorgemelte Wu:ertz darein/
As a native speaker of German, I can tell you ... >>
Ah, a native speaker of 16th century German ...

<< ... that this can mean a lot of different things >>

Well, no. If you are familiar with 16th century German texts, 
"vorgemelt" is used like English "aforementioned" or 
"abovementioned". Ranvaig was right.

<< vorgemelt could mean a lot, as in "schmelzen" -> 
melt >>

But "vorgemelt" is 16th c. German, "melt" is English.

<< "mehlen" -> to turn in flour; >>

so, "vorgemelt Wu:ertz" would mean something like 'the spices 
that have been previously turned in flour'... strange idea. 
Did you ever check, whether or not the verb "mehlen" exists 
in 16th century German? I can't find it in the huge Grimm 
dictionary of historical German (http://www.DWB.uni-trier.de).

<< If you take all of this together, the whole 
expression probably means "put the well pre-ground 
spices into it" >>

Same question like before: Are there instances of 16th 
century German, where "vorgemelt" means "pre-ground"? 
Could you provide one or two? I can 
show you many instances where "vorgemelt" means 
"aforementioned". Try googling "vorgemelt", you'll find
many examples yourself.


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