[Sca-cooks] a few questions/requests (long)

ranvaig at columbus.rr.com ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Sat Oct 13 17:55:26 PDT 2007

>I was released from the hospital on, 21 sept 2007. i am
>still learning how to walk again.

You have my sincere sympathy.  I've been in a wheelchair because of severe arthritis since 2000, and in Dec 2002, my husband was trapped under a fallen elevator.  His left arm was virtually torn off and reattached, both bones of his right leg were broken at the ankle, his collar bone and several ribs were also broken.  He's walking again, and can use his hand a little, but has much nerve damage and scar tissue.

> i am becoming frustrated with baking and
>cooking. it is no longer enjoyable as before the head on collision.

As you recover it, it will get better, remember that.  But for now, keep your goals modest.  Don't plan to do too much at one time. Something that might be too much all at once, could be broken into pieces spread through the day. If you have help, use them to fetch and carry and save the parts for yourself that you enjoy most.

My wheelchair doesn't fit comfortably in my small kitchen, so I keep a kitchen chair in front of the prep counter, where I can reach the sink and the stove. I take a moment to gather everything I will use.

Think about your kitchen, what is making it harder to cook?  Are there commonly used things that are too hard to reach?  You might need to re-arrange things.

Last, take your pain meds.  Maybe this isn't you, but I know I'm far too likely to forget them and not notice that I'm getting grumpy.

>how do members of the list prepare event meals and accommodate
>the needs of people taking medications?

Phlip addressed cooking at events.  But as far as eating at events and still following your diet.  First, bring something along that you know you can eat, even if you expect to eat feast.  Contact the head cook ahead of time, and ask for lists of ingredients, so you can decide which dishes are safe to eat. On the day, at an early, quiet time, visit the kitchen and ask about any changes in the menu.

Meds sometimes interfere with the sense of taste, so when cooking for yourself, keep the seasoning simple.

And again.. it WILL get better.  Good luck.


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