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terry l. ridder terrylr at blauedonau.com
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thank you so much for your reply.

comments intermixed below.

On Sat, 13 Oct 2007 ranvaig at columbus.rr.com wrote:

>> i am becoming frustrated with baking and
>> cooking. it is no longer enjoyable as before
>> the head on collision.
> As you recover it, it will get better, remember that. But
> for now, keep your goals modest. Don't plan to do too much
> at one time. Something that might be too much all at once,
> could be broken into pieces spread through the day. If you
> have help, use them to fetch and carry and save the parts
> for yourself that you enjoy most.

i need to learn this. i have been trying to just jump back
in and that is just getting my family and i frustrated.

> My wheelchair doesn't fit comfortably in my small kitchen,
> so I keep a kitchen chair in front of the prep counter,
> where I can reach the sink and the stove. I take a moment
> to gather everything I will use.

the kitchen is long and narrow. there is enough room for
me to turn around in the kitchen aisle. i have been using
a folding card table for my prep counter. it is low enough
so i am comfortable  when cutting and/or mixing.

> Think about your kitchen, what is making it harder to cook?
> Are there commonly used things that are too hard to reach?
> You might need to re-arrange things.

my son is coming today to help rearrange several of the cabinets.
i cannot reach the baking pans and several of the pots and pans.
the pantry has been rearranged so that i am able to reach the
commonly used items.

i did rig up a mirror over the stove so that i am able to view
the inside of the pots and pans i am cooking in. it is still
taking me time to get use to look at the mirror and stir the

> Last, take your pain meds. Maybe this isn't you, but I know
> I'm far too likely to forget them and not notice that I'm
> getting grumpy.

this i have been neglecting. i have not been taking the morphine
tablets i was prescribed. the tramadol, just does not relieve the
pain that well anymore. my oldest daugther and wife both notice
when i have not taken my pain meds.

>> how do members of the list prepare event meals and accommodate
>> the needs of people taking medications?
> Meds sometimes interfere with the sense of taste, so when
> cooking for yourself, keep the seasoning simple.

this i have noticed. the meds are also interfering with my
sense of smell. i have to have someone taste the food i am
preparing to ensure it tastes good. i over spiced a chicken
the first week home. even the dog would not eat it.

> And again.. it WILL get better.  Good luck.

thank you for the encouragement.

> Ranvaig

terry l. ridder ><>

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