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I hope there is no more responses, as I have run
out of time to answer e-mails if I am to get my
2 manuscripts to the publishers by this friday!

see below.

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> Greetings, Jules/ Mistress Catalina:
> Please, drop the other shoe... what book did you publish and what 
> book are you going to publish? Title, if possible, perhaps a hint 
> about content...

Mark Twain's 3 mediaval books with recipes.


> Thanks,
> Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
> the persona formerly known as Anahita
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> The full title for the book in question I think must be:
> The Accomplish'd lady's delight in preserving, physick, 
> beautifying, and
> cookery containing I. the art of preserving and candying fruits &
> flowers ..., II. the physical cabinet, or, excellent receipts in 
> physickand chirurgery : together with some rare beautifying 
> waters, to adorn
> and add loveliness to the face and body : and also some new and
> excellent secrets and experiments in the art of angling, 3. the 
> compleatcooks guide, or, directions for dressing all sorts of 
> flesh, fowl, and
> fish, both in the English and French mode .../, London : Printed 
> for B.
> Harris, and are to be sold at his shop ..., 1675.
> 382 pages for this one but that varies greatly among editions. 
> Only 200
> for a later edition. As Mistress Brighid noted EEBO lists 1675, 1684,
> 1696 as having been microfilmed and then scanned for their online
> collection.
> The English Short Title Catalogue lists editions for 1675, two 
> differenteditions for 1677, 1683, then in the 18th century
> it lists 1706, 1719 and one as [1720].
> Sometimes attributed to Hannah Woolley.
> Seventeenth century editions have the preface signed: T. P.
> Bibliographies vary as to wrote the book. Woolley was dead by the
> time it appeared, but she is often credited as the book contains 
> recipesfrom earlier credited works by her. 18th century editions 
> often appear 
> credited to T.P. A number of catalogues just list it safely as 
> ANON. or
> uncredited.
> Given as the 1675 edition [London : Printed for B. Harris, and are 
> to be
> sold at his shop ..., 1675]  is available on EEBO's Text Creation
> Partnership where it can be downloaded
> and keyword searched by academic audiences with access, do you 
> suppose a
> publisher would be interested in reprinting an edition of it now? I
> presume of course that you must have spent considerable time retyping
> out the book but given that EEBO-TCP already has it available in the
> nice searchable version, I would think most people would like that 
> version.
> Johnnae

thank you for the info
yes I spent a couple of years typeing it all in.
yes, publishers are interested in publishing these old books.
I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop "testing' me.
Thank you,
Jules/Mistress Catalina

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