[Sca-cooks] Ideas for 1300 Italy

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Fri Oct 19 03:32:02 PDT 2007

Devra was able to sell me the Liber de Coquina in April 2006, so
if someone wants a copy, you might ask her about it.
I am sure that the price has gone up since the Euro is higher now
than it was then.


Volker Bach wrote:
>> Looks like there are some good dishes in these. 
>> Thank you!  I was hoping for something closer to
>> 1300, but I know documentation can be tough the
>> earlier you go.  I'm thinking of a roasted pork with
>> the pepper sauce.  Looks very yummy.
> You may want to look at the LIber de Coquina then. The
> Latin text was composed sometimes around 1300 (experts
> believe) from two separate vernacular texts, one of
> which is placed in Southern Italy. Available in print,
> translation by Robert Maier, at a surpreisingly
> reasonable price (ISBN 3-937446-08-7). The translation
> is into German, but he includes the Middle Latin text
> so you should be able to figure it out even if you
> don't read German. 
> IIRC there is also an Italian translation or edition
> of this book out there, but I haen't been able to
> track it down yet.
> Giano

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