[Sca-cooks] Ideas for 1300 Italy

Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Thu Oct 18 23:31:49 PDT 2007

>Looks like there are some good dishes in these. 
>Thank you!  I was hoping for something closer to
>1300, but I know documentation can be tough the
>earlier you go.  I'm thinking of a roasted pork with
>the pepper sauce.  Looks very yummy.

You may want to look at the LIber de Coquina then. The
Latin text was composed sometimes around 1300 (experts
believe) from two separate vernacular texts, one of
which is placed in Southern Italy. Available in print,
translation by Robert Maier, at a surpreisingly
reasonable price (ISBN 3-937446-08-7). The translation
is into German, but he includes the Middle Latin text
so you should be able to figure it out even if you
don't read German. 

IIRC there is also an Italian translation or edition
of this book out there, but I haen't been able to
track it down yet.


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