[Sca-cooks] Ideas for 1300 Italy

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 18 21:56:43 PDT 2007

The Anonimo Venetiano referenced in an earlier message was originally 
written somewhere between 1300 and 1350.  It was edited from a 15th Century 
manuscript by Ludovico Frati, combined with the Anonimo Toscano (late 14th 
or early 15th Century) and published as Libro de cucina secolo XIV in 1899. 
Other than a dietary text and a collection of sauce recipes, both by 
Magninus Mediolanensis, the Anonimo Venetiano is as close as you will likely 
get to what you want.

To repeat the urls, transcript of the Frati text:

Modern translation:


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Looks like there are some good dishes in these.  Thank you!  I was
hoping for something closer to 1300, but I know documentation can be
tough the earlier you go.  I'm thinking of a roasted pork with the
pepper sauce.  Looks very yummy.


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