[Sca-cooks] Ideas for 1300 Italy

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Fri Oct 19 15:33:39 PDT 2007

You might want to search for further information on the "brigata spendereccia", a bunch of 12 young men of Siena, Italy, who were famous in their time (second half of the 13th century) for having spent lots of money on good food and other pleasant things. They are mentioned later on by Dante and others. I have no idea, however, if there is information on what exactly they were eating and how it was prepared. 

Some of the authors mentioning the brigata spendereccia are quoted in this article of the "Tesoro della Lingua Italiana delle origini" (Tesoro della Lingua Italiana delle origini. Il primo dizionario storico
dell'italiano antico che nasce direttamente in rete:


The libro de coquina and its companion text are online at:


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