[Sca-cooks] Halvah marzipan or nougat?

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Sun Oct 21 11:50:10 PDT 2007

The Greek halva that I have is a cake made of flour and hazelnut meal eggs
and a bit of sugar with a hot syrup poured over it after it is out of the
oven and it is to soak through the cake. I usually cheat and heat up
marmalade and pour it on. So I am a bit confused about it being a marzipan
or nougat.


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On Oct 21, 2007, at 1:23 PM, Suey wrote:

> I have a conflict here. My Spanish sources say halvah is a
> Hispano-Jewish type of nougat consisting of an almond-sugar paste with
> **flavored with other ingredients such as rosewater, honey, julep,
> clove, camphor or sesame. There are several variations using cashews,
> pistachios and other nuts. David M. Gitlitz & Linda Kay Davidson in  A
> Drizzle of Honey, The Lives and Recipes of Spain's Secret Jews clearly
> indicate that they think it marzipan not nougat. What was halvah
> before
> the 15th Century marzipan or turron? What distinguishes the difference
> between the two - baking? Yes, I know the Spanish versions clearly
> have
> a different taste but Gitlitz gives a Mexican recipe which sounds like
> turron to me. Why am I getting bottled up on this?
> Suey

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