[Sca-cooks] Activities for a hypothetical Known World Cooks/Bards

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 22 15:13:52 PDT 2007

> Why is it always Known World Cooks and Bards and not Cooks and Brewers> or Cooks and Ironworkers?> Johnnae
Elizabeth and I have been kicking around an idea of combining Cooks, Brewers and Bards for a day of workshops and then the night will be dedicated to sharing the results as a Medieval Inn.
Bards and Brewers will spend the day hosting various workshops in their fields and I will be having a cooking workshop where I'll be discussing period tavern foods and we'll be cooking "bar food" for the evening.
That night everyone gathers for eating, drinking and bardic.
I think it will be fun. But we are too busy this year. It is our hope to do it sometime next Fall.
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