[Sca-cooks] Activities for a hypothetical Known World Cooks/Bards

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Mon Oct 22 15:20:22 PDT 2007

>Hi folks,
>I'm mentoring on a bid for a known world cooks and bards symposium, (we're
>in the process of constructing one, don't know whether it will be accepted)
>and I was hoping to pick the brains of this group a little. Right now, the
>proposal is for a long weekend at a campground with food/bunk space and
>space for tent camping. What I'm lookiing for information on right now is:
>What sorts of activities would you be interested in outside of classes --
>particularly in the evenings. Bards are easy, they circle and sing
>:-)..But, what do cooks do in a camp where the bards are circling and
>Thanks much! If the bid is accepted, I'm sure we'll be back asking about
>classes, workshops, activities around the Pennsic/Pittsburgh area.
>toodles, margaret
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One obvious thing, assuming the site has cooking facilities, is for 
individual cooks to demonstrate preparation of particular dishes that 
they think especially interesting.

For instance, making hulwah, which is a bit tricky, since you are 
creating a sort of thick cream (natif) which hardens fairly 
quickly--and you need to mix it with chopped nuts and form into balls 
before it does.

Or Badinjan Muhassa, which involves frying thin cakes of a ground 
walnut paste, crumbling them, and mixing with other ingredients to 
make a dip.

Or Murakaba, aka "stack of pancakes," one of my islamic frying pan pastries.

For other people's projects--a demonstration of sugar paste, which I 
haven't done. A demonstration of cooking using period ceramic 
equipment, with an opportunity to try it. One could even combine--I 
make murakaba using a ceramic frying pan provided and managed by 
someone else.

If we assume that a significant number of participants are not 
experienced cooks, someone could do an evening cooking workshop for 
the novices, along the lines of what we sometimes do. Everyone picks 
a period recipe in its original form (translated if necessary), 
spends the evening cooking it, with advice.

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