[Sca-cooks] Question about a spice recipe

Olwen the Odd olwentheodd at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 23 11:47:56 PDT 2007

This is the spice powder I made a large batch of and packaged nicely for Queen Rowan to give as a Consort gift to each of the other Consorts at Crown Tourney when King Logan won earlier this year.  It was very well recieved.  I posted a little hanging note with the ingredients in case anyone wanted to check for allergies or reproduce the recipe.  Queen Rowan was very happy to give such a nice gift but had to use a bit of caution as she is allergic to cloves.  
Some of this mixture and other spices or mixtures will be made up and sold at our upcoming Holiday Faire as part of a fundraiser for the Royal Travel Fund.
Olwen the Odd> Some time ago (early 2004) I got a recipe on this list from Thorvald for a> spice powder from Taillevent. The number is 222, but, in my translation by> Scully, there is no 222. The translated recipe:> > 222. Spice Powder.> > Grind ginger (4 parts), cassia (3 1/2 parts), nutmeg (2 parts), pepper (1> 1/2 parts), long pepper, cloves, grains of paradise and galingale (1 part> each). (A recipe quoted by Pichon et al., p. 26.)> > Does anyone have the Pichon translation? If so, could you please send me> the original French version...along with any other information in the book?> I made the spice powder yesterday and it's really great...> > Thanks!> > Kiri
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