[Sca-cooks] Jules/Catalina's Book, good bye

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Thu Oct 25 15:46:57 PDT 2007

On 10/25/07, Susan Fox <selene at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Well, I had to try anyway.  This was not an ordinary "leaving in a huff"
> email or I would not have responded.
> Sometimes having a heart sucks.
> Selene
> Olwen the Odd wrote:
> > I suspect that anyone writing just to this list and not to Jules personal email address is probably wasting their time.  According to her, she was going to cut ties pretty much just afer she sent the email. <snip>

Susan, and Olwen, while your kindness towards this lady speaks well of
both of you, in my opinion it's misplaced. Autism has a number of odd
symptoms, and it's certainly a difficult  situation to deal with, but
I really don't think that's what we're dealing with here. Instead, my
review of the lady's postings indicates a very self centered person
who has been acting in an immature and childish manner,

We have quite a number of people on this List suffering from quite an
odd assortment of mental and emotional disorders. I can, off hand,
think of folks who  have been diagnosed with dyslexia, bi polar
disorder, various forms of neuroticism, obsessive compulsive,
attention deficit disorders, depression, as well as attempted
suicides, and yet these folks form some of our most solid List
members, because they also take responsibility for their difficulties,
instead of blaming their own inappropriate actions on everyone else.

The lady arrived on this List with an attitude that she had performed
some wondrous research, that we should all be gloriously in awe of.
When, as happens, with a bunch like this, she was asked some
questions, and others got interested in an aspect of her discussion,
and made their comments, all of which were perfectly polite, she first
tried to shut the thread down because SHE didn't want to hear anything
that she hadn't initiated, and then, ultimately, performed her grand
"poormenoneunderstandsthatI'mautistic" exit and went off to sulk.

This behavior speaks to me of immaturity and social ineptitude, NOT autism.

And Gunthar, if you don't like what I'm saying, you should let me say
it anyway. After all, _I_ have been diagnosed with freckles.

Saint Phlip

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