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Here you go;


It is not only for Autism. It is a list for folks who have certain special needs, who live with us in these Middle ages. 
We have members who are speech impaired, visually impaired, hearing impaired, as well as with mobility problems. 

Autism is a diagnosis that has exploded in recent years. In many cases, these are intelligent human beings who have problems functioning in and coping with the outside world the way normal people would. They have problems with sensory overload, and coping with the normal give and take of human life. The level of functioning can go from literally beating their heads against the wall, to the highest level of functioning, known as Aspberger's, where they are quite capable of holding good jobs, as long as they are highly structured. One I know is my age (50s), and a Librarian.??She was only diagnosed about 5 years ago. The pain and anguish she went through.... Many times, they are thought to be several bricks short of a load, extraordinarly self-centered, and so on. There is a medication regimen that will help. It is helping her. SHe did think of leaving, becuase of Certain People and their treatment. It would have been a shame, for she does AMAZING Byzantine needlework, with documentation.

Soapbox? What soapbox?

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What was the URL for that SCA Autism e-list again?  She just wrote me 
back and I want to offer her that avenue of participation.

Yeah, is my emotion misplaced?  I'd rather be known as someone who is 
too nice than too mean.  There's too much meanness in the world today.

Fondly, Selene
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