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Sat Oct 27 06:12:41 PDT 2007

extra points if you can name the TV series the quote came from

They keep finding words for things that were once lumped into general over-arching categories.  Never been "diagnosed" as having any form of Autism.  When I was a kid, the school councilors called it 'socially inept'.  ALL FOUR of my kids are 'socially inept'.  Because I am 'socially inept' I have no way to teach them how to BE socially 'ept'.

I learned to deal with it by keeping my mouth shut, standing with my back to the wall and pretending I could become invisible.  Worked a fine mostly because I was superfluous. 

Then I found this group where I was not judged because I was 'socially inept'.  I have no special gifts or skills to offer other than a willingness to take on jobs others would rather not do, smile, nod, and drop curtsy when appropriate. BUT, here was the important part ... I was no longer superfluous.

I was to learn much later in life, when I finally went to college,  that the reason tribes appear so tolerant and accepting was because not one of the members is 'extra'.

No one ... not one of our members is superfluous.  I am deeply saddened when someone feels like they must leave because they are ... extra people.

There ... my big bad secret is out of the bag.  There is a reason I show up, shut up, do the jobs that do not require me to speak outside of script.

Before Mir snorts in her soup, (aha! ... a food reference) for those who do not know ... I just finished up a term as Kingdom Herald ... For the benefit of those who note incongruity of these two statements ... the Herald's job is highly scripted ... thus providing a safe platform from which to voice.  Actually, I got the Kingdom Herald gig because nobody applied for it and the person who was doing it could not continue doing it, but that is another story.

And ... aside from the obvious, I actually DO get my jollies by providing service doing the jobs that others would rather not do.  It is entirely likely that the high degree of satisfaction that I get from doing what is needed comes from feeling useful, needed, wanted ...      in other words ... not extra.



Jo (Georgia L.) Foster

Never knock on Death's door. Ring the doorbell and run ... he hates that.

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