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My late Siamese Jazzmin would curl up in a tiny ball about the size of a large grapefruit (and she was an adult cat) and be fast asleep... er.. ?MEDitating until I would start petting her. Then she would roll over and expose her tummy WITHOUT changing her overall ball shape and size.? Sigh - I miss her so much. The baby Siameses (2!)?I have now do not hold still for much petting yet. Or meditation.


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Even when they're doing the "angelic-face-upside-down-twisted-pretzel-exposing-all-my-tummy-fur-and-snoring" 
--Maire, who has a whole book on "Yoga for Cats"
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  Too true! I expect that almost all feline meditations are mistaken by us 
humans as napping!


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