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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Mon Oct 29 22:29:14 PDT 2007

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Probably just a cultural difference, Suey....Olwen was responding to a bit
that I'd written, under the topic of freckles.  My post was a bit
silly/adult naughty, and Olwen was responding in kind.  For all that we're a
pleasure-loving country, there's a strong thread of puritanical moralism in
American culture and history that tells us (who are interested in, uhm, most
naughty things) that it will send us straight to hell.  A counter to this is
jokes about having a better time in hell (with the implication that it'll be
more fun and more interesting), and that one's friends will be there.  It's
not meant seriously, generally.
--Maire  > > > > > >

Based on the premise that hell will be all the things that we didn't do
because we wanted to get to heaven :o)

niccolo difrancesco
(got that Novena scheduled already, so don't fret for my soul)

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