[Sca-cooks] I don't want to die

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Tue Oct 30 09:52:37 PDT 2007

Yes; actually I am currently reading a very entertaining book called Cookbook from Hell.  In it sex is banned in heaven, among other things, although they do have nice kitchens and good food and beer and wine, but they seem to have those things in hell also.  For me, well, it's a no brainer...based upon those parameters of course.
> > Probably just a cultural difference, Suey....Olwen was responding to a bit that I'd written, under the topic of freckles. My post was a bit silly/adult naughty, and Olwen was responding in kind. For all that we're a pleasure-loving country, there's a strong thread of puritanical moralism in American culture and history that tells us (who are interested in, uhm, most naughty things) that it will send us straight to hell. A counter to this is jokes about having a better time in hell (with the implication that it'll be more fun and more interesting), and that one's friends will be there. It's not meant seriously, generally.> --Maire> ----- Original Message ----- > From: Suey<mailto:lordhunt at gmail.com> > To: sca-cooks at lists.ansteorra.org<mailto:sca-cooks at lists.ansteorra.org> > Sent: Monday, October 29, 2007 9:21 PM> Subject: [Sca-cooks] I don't want to die> > > Olwen wrote:> > > > .......as she flashes straight back to the 60'...and 70's...and 80's...and.....well you get the picture....or eat it....?> > > > I can't wait to die and go to h*ll to visit so many of my dead friends.....good times will be had by all!> > Olwen> > > What? As always I missed something here.> My friends in Chile say my house is a confessional booth. Nine > ladies came the other night and four of them told us how their husbands > ruined their lives by leaving them. This is the second time this as > happened in the four years I live here. It was so horrible my neighbor > and another very good friend could not sleep the rest of the night when > they left at 3 am. for these stories.> Yeah, they were telling us things like their husband did not respect > them. Horrible. Neighbor and I felt so lucky, we had lunch together > today to share our tears for our good friends and then our husbands came > home and we told them what happened. They could not understand why > anyone would want to die with them as such good friends, nor could> we.> Suey> _______________________________________________> Sca-cooks mailing list> Sca-cooks at lists.ansteorra.org> http://lists.ansteorra.org/listinfo.cgi/sca-cooks-ansteorra.org
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