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This actually isn't new. I did a post on her titles to SCA Cooks
on August 3, 2006--
August 3, 2006


I came across two titles by this author today-- Anna Martellotti.
One deals with foods related to Federico II in the 13th century.
The other with a translation of Arab recipes by Giambonino da Cremona
in the late 13th century.

Thought people might find them of interest.


_I ricettari di Federico II : dal "Meridionale" al "Liber de coquina"
review is here--
also here

Rome, Jan. 16th - (Adnkronos) - Emperor Federico II was also a
first-rate gourmet, a passionate connoisseur of the art of cooking. And
to his patronage we owe the writing up, between 1230 and 1250, of the
''Liber de coquina''. This is what is sustained by Anna Martellotti,
former German history professor at the University of Bari, in the essay
''I ricettari di Federico II'' [The recipe books of Federico II],
published by the Olschki publishing house.

The second is:
Il Liber de ferculis di Giambonino da Cremona : la gastronomia araba in
Occidente nella trattatistica dietetica

Review is in PPC 71
Anna Martellotti: Il Liber de ferculis di Giambonino de Cremona: Schena
Editore, Fasano, 2002: ISBN 88-8229-272-X: 420 pp., indexes, p/b,
L.44.000/Euro 22,72.

"In eleventh-century Baghdad, a physician compiled a medical
encyclopedia titled Minhäj al-Bayän. Among its thousands of entries were
scores of recipes, soon to be excerpted and circulated on their own as a
cookbook. These doctor-approved recipes were plagiarized by several
later Arabic cookbooks, and there is much to be said about that.But what
followed was more surprising. In the late thirteenth century, 82 of the
recipes were translated into Latin by a certain Jamboninus of Cremona
under the title Liber deferculis et condimentis, and in the following
century the Latin was translated into German as Püch von der Chosten.
Lately there has been an explosion of interest in the European versions,
culminating in the present study."

More about this at
It looks like it's 28 Euros. Plus shipping.

Hope this helps


Elise Fleming wrote:
> Greetings!  SCAtoday reports a new medieval cookbook and says: " The recipe books of Frederick II is a comparison between two period cookbooks The Meridionale and the Liber de coquina, both written in the 13th and 14th centuries."  You can find the review of the material at:
> http://www.ansamed.info/en/news/ME03.YAM17103.html
> Alys Katharine

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