[Sca-cooks] bread recipe in Fadalat al-Jiwan fi Tayyibat al-t'aam wa-l-alwan

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Lilinah wrote:

>Babelfish could never translate "vasija" - is 
>this a special shaped container or just a 
AFAIK, it just means "vessel".  I'm used to seeing it  accompanied by an 
adjective -- glass, earthenware, covered, etc.  "Container " seems to be 
the basic meaing here.

>OK, i found a translation of "sobar" (to fondle, 
>to paw, to grope), but it doesn't make a lot of 
>sense in this context.
"Sobar" means to knead.

>OK, some elusive ingredients in other recipes:
>almáciga (Bablefish said "seedbed" and an on-line 
>dictionary said it was a plant nursery) but it 
>appears in a list with cinnamon, pepper and 
>ginger - is it mace?
No, mace is "macis".  This is mastic.

>alones - what part of a chicken is this?


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