[Sca-cooks] Bocaditos of the Cadi from Fadalat

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Wed Sep 5 16:19:40 PDT 2007

I ran ALL the recipes on that page - the link to which was in my 
first message - through Babelfish and i've been working on making 
them readable and meaningful... Some are easier than others.

Also, when translating i prefer a *literal* translation first, before 
making it more idiomatic, to make sure all the "bugs" have been 
worked out.

My apologies for just pasting in words with accents. I know they 
don't show up the same way in all e-mail programs and on all 
computers. Of course, the accents make a difference in the meaning of 
the words. I'll try to get something that conveys the meaning. Here 
i'm putting the accent after the vowel, although it's not going to be 
clear if it's a "accent grave" or an "accent aigu" (sorry i don't 
know the Spanish for them), and i'm using (ny) = n with a tilde 
(squiggle) over it.

Confecci'on de Bocaditos del Cadi'
Se machacan bien tres partes de azu'car y una de almendras mondadas y 
se a(ny)aden las consabidas especias.
Luego se amasa harina como se hace para las roscas, se estira a la 
larga y se rellena con la pasta preparada, da'ndole forma de 
Se fri'en en aceite dulce, se espolvorean con azu'car y se comen.

Preparation of "Bocaditos of the Cadi" [little mouthfuls of the judge]

Crush well three parts of sugar and one of cleaned almonds and add 
the usual spices.
[don't know which those are - cinnamon is one, for sure]
Next knead flour as you do for for roscas/spirals, stretch 
lengthwise, and fill it with the prepared paste, giving it the form 
of almonds.
Fry them in sweet oil, dust them with sugar and eat them.
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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